You'll learn to cook SPECIALITES
from all over india

  • Murg Masala (Masala Chicken)

  • Murg Shai Korma (Chicken in rich   Cream Sauce)

  • Regional Dals (Indian Lentils)

  • Variety of Vegetarian Dishes

  • Portuguese  Pork Vindaloo

  • Desserts like Carrot Halva

  • Vermicelli Khir (Rich milk dessert)

  • Indian Breads (Paratha & Chapati)

  • Pairing of Wines/Beer and  Beverages



Tilli, Max Manjit's mother was born in Hyderabad, in Sindh Province now Pakistan.

She acquired her "Sindhi" cooking skills from her mother and grandmother, which was typical in her extended family. She also cooked rich Punjabi & Mughlai cuisine and never hesitated to acquire  new skills, by taking classes in cooking "English" dishes. She loved to experiment fusing International dishes with Indian ones. Her family delighted in her surprises. 

ABOUT Max Manjit Mohan

Born and raised in Bombay, India a.k.a. Mumbai, he graduated from Sydenham College, University of Bombay. He traveled all over India sourcing fabrics, garments and handicrafts for Western markets. During his travels he was introduced to it's diverse regional cuisines and culture. In 1973  he began an Import-Export business in New York City, distributing fashion goods to major retailers.  Max "did New York" and become a true  foodie; introduced to International cuisine in Little Italy, China Town and a burgeoning Little India, among others. Max would try out every restaurant that earned New York Time's  3 stars, . He would replicate the dishes as best he could in his studio apartment on 28th and Lexington Avenue.

Regional Indian Gourmet Cooking