Regional Indian Gourmet Cooking

vegetarian dishes
dals (indian lentils)
indian desserts

  • Spice and heat levels, just right
  • Fresh meats and vegetables
  • The finest herbs and spices
  • Traditional regional recipes

REGISTER! FOR a SERIES OF CLASSES ON GOURMET INDIAN COOKING in  moscow, id, PRESENTED BY Max Manjit Mohan.  learn to cook healthy & great tasting food with home made garam masala and much more......SIMPLER THAN YOU THINK!

"Let food be thy  medicine and medicine be thy food."  proclaimed Hippocrates, the Greek physician 2500 years ago. Was he referring to Ayurveda? Come find out.

Our first gourmet meals are

experienced  in our

mother's kitchen. In this

series of classes, Max will

demonstrate some of

his mother's delicious &

healthy  dishes  for you to